They're All Ghosts! EP

by Of The Saints

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released February 22, 2013

Alexander De Los Santos: Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Ukuleles, Bass, Kick Drums, Hand Claps, Overall Composer
Charles Babin: Drums
Enbeau Chíc - Synths, Tambourines, Hand Claps, Vibraphone, Additional Vocals
TAH-NEE Thompson - Additional Vocals
Jasmine Pyun - Additional Vocals
Khiem Hoai - Additional Vocals
Photo in Artwork taken by Anna Morosini
Photo Editing in Artwork by Eli Brumbaugh
Produced by Enbeau Chíc and Alexander De Los Santos
Record at Alex's Bedroom and Nexus Studio
Mixed and Mastered at Nexus Studios by Jason Hatch
Bonus Track "I Still See You" Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Claypool



all rights reserved
Track Name: It Could've Gone Either Way, Pt. 1
Honey, I'm coming home
Wake the family, I'm leaving town now
I'm wearing your favorite
I remember how you liked it way back when
you could breathe

We'll start again

They'll mourn for a loss
I left them one line to read:
"So it goes."
They'll do what I did
when you left back when
Cry-cry a lot

But I'll be free

You can bury my body and leave me to rot away
I know in my mind my soul has flown away
Flew passed the oceans away from that dusty grave
Never to sleep alone again
Never to wake alone again
Track Name: So It Goes.
Lover, you were a fighter
Teacher, teach me anything
Rotate the spindle, roll back the windows
Make it so I'll go through it again
Cause it was worth it in the end

The more I speak it hurts
The breath I breathe it burns

What is dead may never die
It'll lay to rest to wake you every night
It'll disrupt you
It'll corrupt you
It'll make you cry

The more I speak it hurts
The breath I breathe it burns
I know that we're dead
But Vonnegut still knows that we're ahead

You're scaring me now
I'm scaring myself
The cut doesn't work, I need to get hurt, I need a distraction
Give me a lie that I can believe, you do it so well
You did it so well
Track Name: Better Resolutions
A stranger you are now
Show me a flash in the dark now
Some sign of life
A place in time

Where we could say goodbye
And forgive all the lies
From everyone
I'll say its okay that you went away
Cause the resolution felt better this way

Look for me when you're out there
Every now and then if you'd like to share
Cause I'd pay for the coffee
A healthy dose of sanity
And I'll wait here every day
Finding the perfect combination of words to say
That I need you more and more each day
Track Name: The River
Have you gone down to the river recently?
Did you lose yourself or find yourself?
Well I've gone down to the river recently
And what I've found I can't say out loud

I heard these voices speak to me
They said to drown or be drowned
I heard these voices in my head speak to me
They said what's living of we're all gonna end up dead
I told these fuckers to get away from me
Cause these voices are making sense
I told these preachers to preach away from me
Cause if there's a hell then I'm gonna drag 'em down too

Did you go down to the river now?
Did you find what I found
When you stared into the ground
You woke up and realized that you're not who you like
Did you see what I saw when you stared into it all
Did you find that you mean everything to no one now?
That you mean nothing to everyone now?
That you mean everything to nothing now?

Have you gone down to the river recently?
Did you lose yourself or find yourself?
I've gone down to the river recently
And I've yet to find my way back now
Track Name: Traditions and Holidays
I wanna be pure
Maybe just forgetful
I wish I didn't know
What could be when it couldn't

I wanna feel pure
Something like vulnerable
An innocence, too naïve

Cause this life it just doesn't feel free

A deck of cards we used to play with
I drew them through
With a smile on our faces
We didn't care win or lose

When traditions and holidays fade away
Why don't I fade away too?