Juxtaposed Memories

by Of The Saints

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Jonah Lorsung
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Jonah Lorsung Heartfelt bedroom storytelling, Alex has a beautiful touch of looseness to this recording. The songwriting touches a deep place in my heart and will not disappoint your lovesick heart. Favorite track: Mattress.
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released December 6, 2016

Alex De Los Santos // Guitar, Vocals, Piano



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Track Name: Entwined
Am I talking too loud?
That’s funny cause I never could use my mouth ’til recently
I guess it all just falls out too fast for me now

When you were sleeping, you’re out cold
I wouldn’t change or move or flinch, I wouldn’t mind getting old with you My dear you are lovely, please stay here in my bed
Blankets entwined between your legs
The marks I left on your neck
I hope you like being here
Will you please stay here

I wouldn’t if it was me
‘Cause I know that i’m a handful
But you make it seem so enjoyable
Track Name: Ashes
I forgot what it felt like to be jealous of someone
‘Cause I’ve been jealous of the dead for so long
When you told me you started seeing them
I couldn’t of felt lower in the ground
My ashes hidden somewhere towards the back of your shelf

But it didn’t take less than a moment to stay
Maybe when time passes I’ll be right up near the front again

Right beside your brother
Roxy, when she got dressed up that time
Your dad, maybe your mother
Aderall Dan starting shit at night
Track Name: Mattress
I thought I saw you in my bedroom
But it was just a mirage
I juxtaposed all the memories
You were so good with collages
Drank more wine in the shower
I thought it’d help me wake up
Play more music, listen to more Conor
But you were all I could think of

I wanna be the mattress that nurtures you every night
And sometimes in the morning when you don’t feel right
You can wait a little longer, maybe hide under the covers
Cause I know we both get so anxious, so know it’s your place and no others.
Track Name: Ivory
You finally said it
Ivory words lined up so beautifully
More pure than the pale trails dividing her reflection never lasted more than week

“I love you”
No sense of sarcasm in tone
“I love you”
In it’s waters I’ll drown and get swallowed

I know you’re tired
This never got any easier
I saw your eyes color coded to mine
Black and red never seemed to go out of style
It’s 3am you’re asking if I’m doing fine
Well goddamn I’m tired but somehow I’m feeling right
So don’t stop calling
Please don’t stop calling
Cause I don’t want to lose losing sleep over you